Solutions for insurance companies

By automating and digitizing product sales, we provide higher insurance premium earnings. We accelerate the process and reduce its costs by more effective management of insurance claims. Successful fraud detection increases the protected value of the insurance company.

Unique solutions ensure a competitive advantage

PosAm's solutions for insurance companies are used, for example, by Allianz Slovenská poisťovňa, Allianz pojišťovna, and Česká pojišťovna. Our systems are utilized by more than 14,000 users who make approximately 1 million calculations per year, and the number of managed contracts is over 25 million.

Higher earnings from insurance premiums, cheaper claims settlement, lower fulfilment costs

PosAm solutions for insurance companies optimize key business processes: product sales, insurance claim management and fraud detection.

Sales Force Automation System

The multi-channel sales system unifies business processes for all sales channels and all types of devices. Removal of fragmentation and duplication brings not only greater sales efficiency but also reduces sales support costs. From the point of view of users and customers, it delivers a new sales experience.

Claims Management System

Our solution will ensure high quality customer service and minimize costs for the insurance company when settling insurance claims. Managed work flow improves the efficiency of the inspection process, reduces the time needed for inspection commencement, and increases client satisfaction. All of this is completely paperless.

Fraud Detection System

Better identification of insurance fraud increases the efficiency of the follow-up investigation, which, together with higher protected value, contributes to higher profitability of the insurance company. A trusted system also shortens the time needed for legitimate claim payment and contributes to greater customer satisfaction.

Each solution individually, but also in combination, contributes to the higher profitability and competitiveness of the insurance company.

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