Manufacturing and Utilities

Many companies in manufacturing and utilities benefit from our software and infrastructure solutions and outsourcing services.

In the area of application support we strive for effectiveness and standardization of internal processes of our clients. We provide software systems for the management of executive personnel, as well as for the management personal authorization and document signing. In designing or re-designing of IT infrastructure we focus on storage solutions and on total infrastructure consolidation. Outsourcing is oriented on the IT operational services and desk support services.

PosAm Servio

PosAm Servio is our own-developed solution for IT services and infrastructure administration and management and workforce management. Workforce management covers all the processes of dealing with service requests, all the way from their collection, classification and recording, through planning and managing of their execution up to monitoring and enforcing their fulfilment. Clients benefit from automatization, optimization and higher efficiency of their workforce management and from higher quality of rendered services.

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→ PosAm Servio

PosAm bSign

PosAm bSign is our own innovative solution for signing documents and identity management. Capturing signatures through electronic signature pad sends personal authorization and document signing to the different level where the communication is paper-free. Digitised signature completely eliminates the need for paper documents inside or outside the offices. One of its great advantages is that it keeps the existing routines in place while it speeds up their execution as well as make them cheaper and more efficient.

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→ PosAm bSign

Consolidation of server, storage and desktop infrastructure

In creation or consolidation of server, storage and desktop IT infrastructure we build predominantly on the solutions by Bull, Citrix, Hitachi Data Systems. We provide full array of necessary services, from consulting and designing of the architecture to the delivery, implementation and integration of the solution. Our solutions not only perfectly match technical requirements but reflect also the clients´ need for economic optimization and achieving of their strategic goals and objectives.

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→ Storage solutions
→ IT infrastructure consolidation

Managed IT services

Our services include support and management of end-devices and applications as well as end-users support and Service desk support (alebo services?). For companies, the main benefit of employing a professional external service provider lies in costs optimization, elimination of investment costs, increased quality and availability of their services, as well as increased flexibility and gaining access to the expanded resources. All in all this results in increased satisfaction of end-users and client´s higher competitiveness.

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