PosAm bSign

Innovative and effective solution to sign documents by digital handwritten signature with biometric features (the Biometric signature).

PosAm bSign replaces pen-signed paper documents with electronic documents authorized by digital handwritten signature.

This solution meets legislative requirements of the SR and the EU for maintaining written form. Signature authenticity and personal identity can be verified before being entered into document compared to signature pattern. Since biometric features of signature are scanned, credibility of verification reaches the level of graphologist assessment. Signed documents are then electronically protected against alteration; therefore it is possible to verify integrity of documents and authenticity of signatures at any time. Capability to verify personal identity may alternatively be used for personal authorization based on their signatures.

The core of solution consists of technologies SIGNificant by company Xyzmo. Their full use and integration with customer’s systems are enabled by integration interfaces by PosAm. The solution may be complemented with automated process of identification data reading from personal identification documents, including subsequent check of validity and integrity (PosAm dScan).

PosAm bSign delivers much higher efficiency and accountability of client authorization, contract conclusion, or signing transactions. It does not require any changes to established practices nor habits of customers.

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