The Application solutions for the main banking processes, Storage solutions, IT infrastructure consolidation and Outsourcing – these are the main areas in which banking sector benefits from cooperation with PosAm.

Banks face the similar challenges as the rest of the companies also from other industries; they need to keep eye on the same business targets such as decrease of costs, increasing of profitability, maximizing of shareholder´s capital and the return on equity. To remain competitive banks need to regularly reassess their business strategies and promote maximization of effectiveness of their own processes.

Our company has the ambition to help banks with their efforts through our IT solutions and services which can:

  • optimize their internal processes (through Managed IT services),
  • increase their sales effectiveness (through PosAm bSign),
  • and lower their operational costs (IT infrastructure consolidation and Storage solutions)

Once implemented, our solutions help every company to come close to their main business targets – increased profitability and decreased costs.

Managed IT services

Outsourcing for a company is a way for shifting itself from administration of information technologies to the IT services management. Our offer includes operation of applications and support of IT infrastructure, applications and users. Apart from optimization of internal processes our solutions decrease costs and increase safety for clients´ customers. References from the banking sector and the deep knowledge of the field guarantee the quality. We also provide support for various platforms and systems as well as global support for extensive branch networks.

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→ Managed IT services

PosAm bSign

PosAm bSign solution shortens time of customer service and eliminates costs associated with paper documents processing, e.g. costs of paper, printing, copying, scanning, discarding, archiving etc. Apart from increased effectiveness in customer service, the solution also increases safety of identity verification in the execution of banking processes and singing of the documents.

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→ PosAm bSign

Storage solutions

We design and implement solutions for data storage, management and filing. Our solutions will give your data a safe and secure home, and we guarantee 100% data retrievability/availability. Apart from offering high level of data safety and decrease of their storage costs our optimized storage places can also be used for administration of complex environments.

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→ Storage solutions

IT infrastructure consolidation

When building or consolidating the desktop or server infrastructure we merge the state-of-the-art technologies by HP, IBM, Bull, Citrix with the deep knowledge of our specialists and consultants so as to provide or enhance the qualitative features of the existing or a newly-built IT infrastructure and streamlining its operation..

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