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PosAm's success has a positive response also within the Deutsche Telekom group

Successful solutions and PosAm services in the banking sector in Slovakia were noticed also by Deutsche Telekom. On the company's corporate blog, focused on B2B solutions, we described our success with Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa and Tatra banka. We are glad that we can inspire our partners within our group even beyond the borders of Slovakia.

In the latest article we introduced the implementation of the new generation of our sales system at Allianz – Slovenská poisťovňa (Allianz SP). In the highly competitive field of insurance, there is great pressure on the capability to get and keep clients. Therefore, at Allianz SP they decided to fundamentally modernize their sales support system in order to eliminate all potential obstacles to successful sales. Their goal was to enable fast and effective implementation of new services while simultaneously providing flexible and quality support for different sales channels.

This difficult task was given to PosAm, which was facing two big challenges. The first task was to develop a modern sales application for brokers that could be easily integrated into existing systems. The second task was to consolidate various systems that were used for sales support. PosAm created a final common platform for all applications used in individual sales channels in combination with the modern support system for brokers. More about the solutions.

In another article on the same blog we have shown, using the third largest bank in Slovakia as an example, how a client can, with the right partner, save more than a little on IT outsourcing without reducing the quality requirements of the provided services.

PosAm, as the second biggest provider of IT administration services in Slovakia, has many years of experience and precisely set up processes that provide high internal effectivity. This enables us to provide quality services under highly competitive conditions. These features influenced a significant cost saving on outsourcing after this client changed its provider. More about the project.

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