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ParkDots is among world-class solutions for Smart Cities

From the 13th to the 15th of November 2018, Barcelona in Spain hosted the eighth year of the Smart City Expo World Congress, one of the largest events of its kind in the world. More than 840 exhibitors, representatives from over 700 cities from five continents, and 400 attendees were looking for answers to the question of how to make cities more habitable for the people living in them. ParkDots, a smart parking solution for modern cities from PosAm, has also been included among the world's top solutions.

ParkDotrs Smart City Expo smallParkDots combines state-of-the-art mobile, cloud and IoT technologies to improve the parking situation in cities. The system monitors the occupancy of parking spaces in real time, provides navigation to the available ones, enables paying for parking, and many other useful features. It reduces the time needed to find available spaces, simplifies payment, and increases comfort for drivers. It provides valuable information to cities in regard to driver behaviour and utilization of parking spaces that can be used to adjust parking policies.

“We have invested a lot of effort, resources, and knowledge into developing ParkDots. We are delighted and proud that, as one of the few representatives from Slovakia, we can present ParkDots in Barcelona along with the world’s leading Smart City solutions,” said Michal Bróska, Product Director at PosAm. “It’s fantastic that this is a completely Slovak product. It was developed by our specialists, using sensors from a Slovak partner, and NB-IoT connectivity from the parent company Slovak Telekom,” he added.

Although ParkDots was launched only last year, drivers and self-governments in seven Slovak cities are already using its services: Trnava, Trenčín, Liptovský Mikuláš, Dolný Kubín, Prievidza, Nitra, and also the Karlova Ves city district in Bratislava. In a survey of the MojAndroid portal, users have chosen ParkDots as the most likeable smart parking application in Slovakia. Technical and product experts from Deutsche Telekom have selected ParkDots as the official Smart parking solution for the group.

ParkDots is therefore a part of the complex offer of Deutsche Telekom for Smart Cities. The first signs of more complex solutions can be seen in Slovakia as well. In Trenčín, Slovak Telekom and PosAm, in cooperation with the city, have deployed a number of such technologies into pilot operation. In addition to ParkDots, for increasing the efficiency of mobility and parking, these also include smart cameras for analysing the situation in the city, and smart lamps which adapt to environmental conditions that also serve as Wi-Fi hotspots.

Cities. Innovation and knowledge centres, the driving force behind economic growth, prosperity and social well-being. More than half of the population lives in them in the 21st Century and this share will continue to grow. This brings many challenges that cities will need to resolve in order to ensure sustainable growth and to become better places in which to live. One of these challenges is undoubtedly the parking for an ever-increasing number of vehicles, which outpaces the growth in parking capacity. Fortunately, it turns out that advanced Smart City solutions can be helpful in addressing this issue.

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