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Statement on the privacy protection of job seekers at PosAm s.r.o.
PosAm s.r.o. processes personal data of job seekers.

Extent of the processed personal data
Contact data - name, surname, address of permanent residence, address of temporary residence, e-mail contact and telephone contact.
Job data - resume - overview of professional career, skills and experience, declaration of clean criminal record for certain positions, references.
Personal and family data - family status, date of birth, identifiers such as birth number, personal ID card number, driving license number.
Salary information - requested income

PosAm processes the personal data of job seekers for the purpose of recruiting new employees into employment by selecting candidates by assessing their professional qualifications and assessing their ability to perform the required job (especially in technical and professional positions)

Records of received and sent mail in mail contact with job seekers in the necessary extent of contact information.

Sharing personal data (Recipients, processors, third parties)
The personal data of job seekers are processed exclusively by the employees of PosAm instructed about their obligations in regard to the personal data of data subjects and they do not provide them to any recipients or processors or third parties.

Data storage
The personal data of job seekers are not transferred to third countries; they are located exclusively in the European Union.

Personal data are retained for the duration of validity of their purpose, which is 1 year from sending of the personal data by the job seeker.

Legal basis
The personal data of job seekers are processed by PosAm on the legal basis of the legitimate interest of a prospective employer in assessing the job seeker's qualification to perform the job in question.

Information on the principles of the processing of personal data, the rights of job seekers, i.e. data subjects and the obligations of PosAm as the Controller with respect to the processing of personal data is available here.

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