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Statement on the privacy protection of employees of PosAm s.r.o.
PosAm s.r.o. processes the personal data of its employees.

Extent of processed personal data
Contact data - name, surname, address of permanent residence, address of temporary residence, e-mail contact and private and business telephone contact.

Job data - employment contract, salary statement, job classification, job description, competencies, photograph for employee ID card, work performance evaluation, business trip record, attendance, CV (resume), entrusted property, access rights for applications, access rights into protected areas, record of entries into protected areas.

Personal and family data - family status, date of birth, family details for tax relief and tax obligations, disability data, identifiers such as birth number, personal ID card number, passport number, driving license number.

Payroll information - banking details, annual settlement requests, annual settlement, bonuses, second and third pillar insurance.

PosAm processes the personal data of employees for a number of purposes but only to the extent necessary for the given purpose:

The purpose of the Labour Law agenda is the keeping of records of personal data of employees of the company and employees working on the basis of an agreement on work carried out outside of an employment relationship (agreement workers) for the purpose of registration with the Social Insurance Agency and with insurance companies, the processing of the payroll agenda, preparation of Labour Law documentation, correspondence contact, records of completed education and skills for the purposes of verifying qualification requirements for tenders, allowing the use of company benefits.

Personal data for the purposes of protection of health and property and the property rights of the company, its employees, business partners and visitors are used for managing access into premises and applications in a minimized extent of contact information and for monitoring employee business trips in the company's motor vehicles.
Records of received and sent mail in mail contact with employees in the necessary extent of contact information.

Sharing personal data (Recipients, processors, third parties)
The following also work with the employees' personal data
Recipients: Social Insurance Agency, insurance companies, SPI (supplementary pension insurance), customers of the company - CV and lists of employees for tenders to demonstrate the qualification requirements of employees and for setting up access into customer premises;

Processors: suppliers, who were commissioned to process the personal data of employees of PosAm. Those are:
ACCACE, a company providing the processing of the payroll agenda

Team Prevent, provides mandatory health service

Edenred, provides meal vouchers

UNION insurance company, provides travel insurance of employees during business trips

PriceWaterhouse Coopers, author of the wage benchmark study PayWell

Slovnaft, provider of the fuel card benefit for employees

Qualitravel, provides airline tickets for employee business trips

PosAm has concluded a contract on the processing of personal data with these companies, in which it regulated, among other things, the terms for secure handling of the personal data of its employees.

Data storage
Employees' personal data are not transferred to third countries; they are located exclusively in the European Union.

Personal data are retained for the duration of validity of their purpose, which generally means for the duration of the Labour Law relationship, unless the legislation of the SR requires longer periods of data archiving, for example for pensions.

Legal basis
PosAm processes the personal data of employees on multiple legal bases:
Act on Personal Data Protection - 18/2018 Coll. (disclosure and provision of organizational structure information);
Labour Code - 311/2001 Coll.;

Act on Social Insurance - 461/2003 Coll.;

Act on Health Insurance - 580/2004 Coll.;

Act on Income Tax - 595/2003 Coll.;

Act on Accounting - 432/2002;

Act on Travel Allowances - 283/2002 Coll.;

Act on Occupational Health and Safety - 124/2006 Coll.;

Act on Protection, Support of Public Health - 355/2007 Coll.;

The legitimate interest of the employer in the record keeping of completed education, for the purpose of verifying qualifications and tenders and for the purpose of providing benefits to employees.

Information on the principles of the processing of personal data, the rights of employees, i.e. data subjects, and the obligations of PosAm as the Controller with respect to the processing of personal data, is available here.

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