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PosAm, part of DTAG

PosAm is a leading Slovak IT company, a position that the company reaffirmed and boosted in 2010 when it became part of the Deutsche Telekom group (DTAG). By its acquisition of PosAm, the group gained competences in the field of application development, establishing IT infrastructure and in IT services management.

Deutsche Telekom is a worldwide company that operates in 37 countries, generates revenue in excess of EUR 69 billion, has almost 220 million customers and more than 225 thousand employees. In Slovakia, DTAG is present via the Slovak Telekom group (ST). The ST group comprises the parent company Slovak Telekom, 100% owned by DTAG, together with its subsidiaries, including a 51% share in PosAm.

The acquisition of PosAm is one of the most successful of the DTAG group. Between 2010 and 2014, PosAm‘s revenues grew by more than 50%, helped on also by the stability and synergy of a group as large and significant as DTAG.

The strategic objective of PosAm and DTAG is to build on these successes also on an international scale. PosAm possesses unique know-how, experience and solutions in multiple areas:

  • Development and support of key segments in the insurance sector – Multichannel Sales and Management of Claims, including Detection of insurance Frauds
  • Systems for budgeting and management of state finances
  • IT support for the management of IT services and workforce management
  • Cloud solution for the provision of electronic services to the public at the local government level

An extensive deep knowledge of issues, expertise in software development and infrastructure creation, supported by strong partnerships with world technological leaders, means PosAm can supply solutions of the highest standard.

The professionalism of PosAm’s experts, supported by the background and strength of the DTAG group, lends stability to PosAm, guaranteeing continuity in the establishment of long-term partnerships.

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