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People-friendly Company

There are people behind every company. People´s lives and stories. PosAm too, is filled with humane spirit.

The company was built by the people. There were only few of us at the beginning – and now there is a crowd. Together we would fill a room so huge that that it is hard to find, and there´s probably no one who would tell all our phone numbers or email addresses. Yet we have not lost our humane spirit and the company is indeed knitted from the threads of people´s stories.

If you want to meet these people, go ahead and read their interesting stories and meet them also through the selection of their favourite music which was released on a CD with the title PosAm The Greatest Hits.

Katka Petríková, Business Group Finance and Insurance Manager
Favourite artist, song: Robbie Villiams, Angels

Katka Petríková has the ability to listen well and to see the opportunities and above all, she is able to act fast. The best example of this is her Allianz story. Two weeks after the initial talks on the development of software calculator for the insurance agents PosAm was asked by Allianz to prepare a demo version. Just two hours had passed from the product´s client´s presentation when the client rang and booked the solution. Katka probably claims the win for inspiring the fastest made decision in the history of IT.

Ivan Illich, Commercial Section Manager
Favourite artist, song: Fluke, Switch/Twitch

It happens that public tenders are designed in such a way that there is no doubt about the winning company right at the start. PosAm was once engaged in a similarly designed tender for the supply of big amount of computers – as a party who should have lost it, of course. Things turned differently however, thanks to Ivan´s will and determination. He found a hook to catch on among the merciless conditions of the tender. A possibility to gain extra points for higher number of USB ports on the supplied machines. He recalls well the announcement of the results and the bulging eyes of the to-be-winner. The winning PosAm supplied those computers equipped with unusual 16 USB ports per piece.

Peter Mihalovič, Architecture of Infrastructure Solutions Manager
Alexander Loži, Department of Infrastructure Design Manager
Favourite artist, song: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

When Slovakia´s Banking clearing centre was being built from the scratch at the beginning of nineties right after the fall of iron curtain, there weren´t many local companies who would be able or willing to bid at such a demanding and risky job. However PosAm, the local greenhorn, represented then by young graduates Mihalovič and Loži dared and managed to beat the company of multinational corporations in that bid. The then PosAm solution became a cornerstone of the company´s future success and its two main actors became the top specialists in the field.

Further stories and more good music are available to every newcomer to the company on the selection CD which is part of our “Welcome Pack”. The next release of songs selection may very well contain your name, your story and your favourite song.

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