About Us


PosAm is a company that builds on talented people who are able to transfer their talents into solutions and services for customers. Almost 300 employees mean almost three hundred different life stories. However, all of them have something in common – each and every of them has a talent and is passionate enough to transfer it into useful solutions for customers.

PosAm does not rely on foreign experts. Our company has been building its own excellent local team since 1990. Success of the team has been proved by the award for the most effective human resources management in the IT sector as well as by the certificates of quality management system, including specific areas such as IT service management (ITIL), and information security.

Employees of PosAm are motivated by a balanced combination of working conditions, job descriptions, adequate levels of responsibility and equitable remuneration. Individual remuneration showcases personalities and promotes skills that employees actively and effectively engage for the benefit of the company. The long and the short of it, PosAm provides its quality employees with ideal conditions for career growth.

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