About Us

About Us

PosAm is one of the few Slovakia based IT companies which despite being built completely from the scratch succeeded to engage itself in truly big projects. The company consisting in 1990 of only a couple of enthusiastic freaks now counts 300 employees and features complex integrated management system and provides variety of most demanding solutions.

The PosAm´s secret recipe for success is the deep knowledge of customer´s business and the ability to find unique solutions that bring maximum benefits to the business. PosAm has a strong team able to supply flexible and high-quality software and infrastructure solutions, consultancy and outsourcing services to its corporate clients. Our mindful management of the on-going procedures has been recognized by multiple certification bodies and the company has been awarded the “National Prize of the Slovak Republic for Quality” and the “Recognized for Excellence in Europe” by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) being thus the first Slovakia´s company to be honoured with the award.

Our partnerships with global technology leaders, innovative approach of the management, local team, investments in the employees´ education and integrated complex management system guarantee continuous move forward and excellent performance. Since 2010 PosAm has been a part of the Slovak Telekom group which has confirmed and strengthened the company´s position of a leading IT business in Slovakia.

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